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2019 a call for a deep-dive into Culture and Corporate Transformation

We value traditional concepts regarding culture and transformation, but it seems today we might well be acting based on partial scenes, instead of the full script.

I will venture then myself in presenting a different approach that invite us all to question prevailing vision on the subject, as hold strong by consultancy and academics arenas.

It is a kind invitation to a shift in well stablished managerial paradigms.

1.- Change: the world changes, the situations we face changes, but corporations either develop or transform. Changing is inevitable, is life itself. No change, no life. Maybe the speed of changes is what strike us the most. Corporations have to deal with economical, financial, environmental, market, technological, political, social, cultural and demografichs changes that creates competitive, legal, social and environmental pressures. (external realm). Yet our response rest in two fields: development and or transformation (internal realm). They are completely different by nature yet the system seems to treat them both from a scientific perspective only.

If we do not manage to provide answers to those pressing items, or fail to transform ourselves, the crisis will emerge as a reminder of the task at hand.

2.- Development: It is  all we do in the organizations to provide answers to our own needs, to care about the self interest. In the for-profit entities is about attaining financial stability (EVA, EBITDA), improving our market share, and increasing efficiency, efficacy and quality. These initiatives are fueled by knowledge and experience, it is the field of scientific administration, the task of the managers.

3.- Transformation: It is all we do in the organizations to find meaning and provide answer to the more profound issues we as an entity face. It is about internal congruence and cohesion, legacy and corporate  transcendence. These processes are based on consciousness, has nothing to do with knowledge and there is no “the” way in this journey. For this to happen we even have to change paradigms regarding current understanding of culture itself. It requires to abandon the conditioned mind and be open to the full exploration of both “selfs” individual and corporate. This is the space of the Leaders. This understanding opens up a completely different approach. It does invite the exploration of consciousness in the «juridicial person».

4.- The executives:  They faces two very different challenges: administering resources (managers task), and helping find meaning (leaders task). The first one comes from the formal process of education and it is nurture in experience, the later is a self-discovery journey. We shall not continue misleading this important diference.

5.- Fueling the Initiatives: All corporate development initiatives will eventually come to an end, and results do not pass the text of time. However transformation, based as it is by definition in transcendence, resonates with people and prevail over time. We humans ought to embrace a cause greater than ourselves, we need to do the “right” things in order to live a full life.

6.- Toward an expanded comprehension of Evolution: Corporate Evolution account for both, development (been the best in the world) and transformation (been the best for the world). If this does not come natural, crisis will be the wake-up call to that effect, questioning what we do……..and who we are.

I kindky invite to consider the impact that the inclusion of consciousness will have in management, as equivalent to the shift in paradigms in physics when the quantum theory complemented and expanded classical mechanics of particles.

These ideas are presented in the book entitled “From the Industrial Revolution to the Corporate Evolution”. In Spanish and available at


Deepak Chopra

One of the most recognized leaders worldwide in the field of mind- body medicine

The world, in all spheres of human endeavor, is experiencing a change of consciousness. This is leading to a new global vision of the interconnectedness of all processes of human activities with environmental health, personal transformation to social change. Adolfo Jarrin’s book explores ways in which corporations are evolving, in conjunction with this emerging consciousness, and their transformation is essential to dawn a new civilization.

Richard Barrett

Founder of Barret Values Centre. 

In a span of less than 200 years we have created a global crisis of sustainability. In large part, this crisis has been driven by the corporate sector and our mental development. We have become experts inventing new technologies and ways to satisfy human desires, many of them totally detrimental to the health of the planet in pursuit of greater wealth and benefits. We can only solve this problem by a global shift in consciousness. This places great demands on our business leaders and puts them in a dilemma, how are the needs of the market and shareholders met, while meeting the needs of humanity and the planet too. Adolfo’s experience and skills highlights these issues and suggests an approach that might allow us to solve these problems. This is the essence of corporate evolution that Adolfo is inviting.

Willa C. Gaitanis

Organizational Development Specialist and Certified Coach

for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The work of Adolfo, From the Industrial Revolution to the Business Evolution, recognizes that organizations are taking the spin of a world governed by politics to a world ruled by corporations. In this process, the corporation then has to be seen as the entity responsible for the overall package. This process brings the urgency of care for all in order to achieve sustainability and renewability.Paraphrasing Adolfo, the Corporation as an entity has to evolve from to be the best in the world to be the best for the world. His book not only has the power to raise individual thinking (beliefs and values), but also to transform this way of thinking about a new corporate behavior. At the same time, this new corporate behavior, has the ability to embrace the human spirit within the corporation and creates a framework which we can move sustainability to consider and respond to today’s emerging concerns in the world.»

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