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Time is the essence of life. It does shows the evolution we all are in. Our life has stages, each and any of them, mirror the evolution of our consciousness, through the decisions we made, the behaviors we exhibit, the language we use, the thoughts we treasure, the quality of our relations and the outcome and perspective we envision for our future.

Yet this marvelous thing of time in our life, offer us the perspective to embrace the experiences that had nurtured us and to identify  the situations we faced for our growth.

It seems however that personal transformations happens in shorter time spans than social transformation. The former means we awake to new realities as a matter of conscious decisions and courage to question ourselves and do whatever necessary to shift from one stage to another.

Social transformation requieres not only the individual awakening but the transformation of the structures and systems that support such systems. In the case of organizations and even in social aggregates as countries, new and emerging paradigms are required to shift the order of the system.

Time offer us the perspective of evolution, of learning and adapting. Time is the only asset we can not regain nor we can paid for, the only experience that will not happen again. Time, this strange thing we all live in, yet very few get the most out of it.

May I wish us all, the gift of giving our very best each and any minute of this journey we call life. Offering our best requieres courage instead of complacency, resonating instead of intimidating and been fully loyal to our inner world.

Do not allow ourselves to find the profound value of time once we are running out of it.

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