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Business Cultural Transformation: an emerging and demanding approach.

Current consultants speeches that invite business to take good care of workers, is no doubt, a good initiative. Yet however, unless we change the root of the actual disconnect, that is, the mental models we inherited from the industrial revolution, efforts in such direction might well contribute to dissociate even more the culture of the entity. 

Business culture imperatives rest in a profound construct of belief systems, that is in the unconscious mind of current leaders in all fields. This system force the entity to prioritize the self interest, and to administer resources to its benefit, externalizing impacts. This corporate personality tend to have difficulties keeping long lasting relations. We rotate workers, suppliers, customers.

In this legal business frame work, we continue to “administer” people and treat them as “resources”. How come then that we talk about taking care of people? Can we see the dysfunctionallty that needs to be addressed, to avoid increasing the aforementioned dissociation?

With this view in mind and since 2003 I urge business leaders to question and change current paradigms, so that we can achieve congruency and integrity on the “culture». It is about moving away from the “industrial revolution” mental models. It is combining both since and consciousness, strategy and culture, to offer light to a new source of corporate value: Culture.

We consultants, must change our own paradigms regarding the views of the individual, the corporation and its interaction with all stake-holders. We ought to be able to question current leaders up to their discomfort in order to provide the energy to such a profound transformation.

It does requiere courage and vision, it demands letting go the all ego dependant fears and allowing to emerge the soul purpose, and in so doing, welcome the need to become the change agents societies call and eventually expects from leaders and the enterprises the are responsible for.

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